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Welcome to the 2012 AP Biology Wiki!

JFMcL. Hope you are having a great summer! Congratulations on all the wonderful AP scores! You worked hard for them. I thought you might enjoy this newsfeed to help you keep up with what's new and interesting. As always, there are so many amazing discoveries!

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that can be edited by anyone. In this case, you will be the authors of this wiki!


We'll miss you, seniors!!

Congratulations Seniors!!!!

Assignment #1:

You will work with the other members of the class to create your own review for the AP exam.

Day 1: To begin, choose one of the seven review topics. Look through your notes and pick a topic that you think should be included in the review. It might be a unifying concept, a topic you had difficulty with, a topic you think is going to be on the exam, etc. Hit the edit key. Start by typing your intials. Type up your own explanation of the topic or find a reference that you think does an excellent job explaining it. It might be a chart, a video, a tutorial, lab review, etc. If your review is not your own original work, make sure to properly cite sources. Include your rationale for choosing this topic. After you are finished, hit the save button. You have just completed your first entry.

Day 2: Choose another topic. At this point, there will probably be several entries on the page. You may add to these entries, comment on them, or add additional resources. Choose a different topic and repeat the process.

Day 3-10: Continue until you have completed a minimum of 10 entries. There should be at least one per topic. Please remember that you are trying to help compile a review tool that will be useful to you and your classmates.

This review will count as a test grade.

Assignment #2:

After the test!

1. Your next task is to find fascinating and current articles in each of the same seven fields of research. You each need to find two articles. For each article, you must include a link to the article, a summary and a reaction. Please make sure that you are summarizing the original article and not a summary! Your article should link somehow to one chosen by someone else. The goal is to show how all the areas are interconnected. I have made the first entry under ecology.

2. You will also be working on The Wolbachia Project. I am including a link to the home page so you can get an idea of what we will be doing. I will also set up a page that you can use to add interesting information or links that you discover. More info will follow in class.


Information about insect collection, presevation and identification can be found at these websites.