Unit 7: Ecology


  • Complete the question sheet as you watch this introductory video on ecosystems.


  • Time is running out! Take notes for this powerpoint on Chapter 53 for homework. We will use class time to complete some activities.

  • Watch this video on exponential growth.

  • And here is the video on logistic growth!

  • Below is a link to a tutorial on population growth problems.


  • What is a kite graph?

Kite diagrams are typically used to show the percentage cover of plant or animal species over a distance of an environment. They are similar to line graphs, except that each line is represented horizontally and does not overlap with the others.
external image kite.gif


  • Below is a powerpoint on Chapter 54. Use it to take notes and study.

  • How can tree roots act as a thermostat and control global temperatures? A great example of homeostasis at the ecosystem level!