Lab Hints
  • This link provides tutorials for graphing using both Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007.

  • How to copy a graph into your wiki lab report!

SK: First, make the graph in word or excel. Copy the graph (highlight and right-click copy or control-c) and paste into paint. (Go to start...All Programs....Accessories....Paint) Save the picture and upload it onto the wiki by clicking, in the edit interface, "file" "+ upload files" and then selecting the file from the window that pops up. Here is an example:

JFMcL. Great job! I knew it had to be able to be done on this. Maybe someone else will discover another way.


JMcL. You could also insert a graph done in word or excel as a file. Any other ideas?

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  • These are some directions to get you started on your miniposter.

  • Here is a link to a page with lots of hints on making science posters for lab presentations.

  • Feeling adventurous? Here are instructions for making a poster on powerpoint!