Homework Spring 2014

Tuesday, January 28

  • Read Section 14.1 of Text. Answer Study guide Questions.

  • Complete Meiosis Quiz. Look up and revise answers. Circle any questions you have.

Wednesday, January 29

  • Watch Mr. Anderson's video on Mendelian Genetics

  • Complete problems 1-13 0n Genetics Problem Worksheet (on WIKI). Write down any questions you have.

Thursday, January 30

  • Complete rest of problems on Genetics Problem Worksheet. write down any questions

  • Study for quiz on Chapter 14 tomorrow.

Friday, January 31

  • Complete Chapter 14 reading and study guide questions (section 14-4)

  • Complete pedigree problems on worksheet on WIKI. For additional practice, complete tutorial from link on WIKI. Write down any questions.

Monday, February 3

  • Complete Human Genetics Lab including Karyotype and Problems. You will pass this in to me tomorrow along with your pedigree problems from last week.

  • Begin Chapter 15 Reading and Questions

Tuesday, February 4

  • Continue reading Chapter 15

  • Watch Lorenzo's Oil. Use film and background notes to answer 15 questions (Due on Monday)

Thursday, February 6

  • Research assigned genetic disorder

Friday, February 7

  • Finish lab if necessary.

  • Watch Mr. Anderson's video on linkage

  • Quiz on Chapter 15 on Monday

Monday, February 10

  • Study for test on Wednesday

  • Make sure your lab notebook is complete including Drosophila labs.

Tuesday, February 11

  • Study for test


Wednesday, February 12

  • Lab notebooks will be collected tomorrow.

  • Use evolution powerpoint (on WIKI) to answer questions on evolution (also on WIKI.) This should be a review of what you learned about evolution in 10th grade biology.

Thursday, February 13

  • Read chapter 22. Answer study guide questions. These are due after vacation.

Friday, February 14

  • Read chapter 21. Answer study guide questions.

  • Finish watching video "What Darwin Never Knew". Answer all questions to pass in.

  • Read 3 articles on "Are We Evolving" Answer Questions. Be prepared to discuss.

March 5, 2014

Below are the powerpoints for Origin of Life (posted due to computer glitch) and Phylogeny (For you, Alex....Have a good time on your field trip!)

March 6, 2014

Complete cladogram activity

Study for quiz on speciation.

Begin reading Chapter 26. answer study guide questions.

March 7, 2014

Complete Phylogeny Lab. Note any questiions.

Finish reading chapter 26.

March 13, 2014

  • Begin reading Chapter 40. Complete study guide questions.

  • Complete reading on thermoregulation on WIKI.

  • Work on homeostasis project.

  • For those of you who had class meetings today, here is the powerpoint for the notes on tissues

March 14, 2014

  • Continue reading Chapter 40

  • Finish Tissues Lab

  • Work on Project

March 21, 2014

  • Watch Mr. Anderson Video on Nerve Cell transmission

  • Complete worksheets on modeling nerve transmission. Note any questions you still have.

  • Quiz on Monday.

  • Homeostasis Project Due on Monday.

March 24, 2014

  • Read Chapter 49. Complete study guide

March 25-27

  • Read Immune System Chapter. Complete Study Guide

April Vacation Assignment / AP Exam Review