Sandwich High School

Core Values

Course Name: A.P. Biology
Teacher Name: Mrs. McLoughlin (Rm C324)

We Believe
  • Every student has value and deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her potential
  • Assessment informs instruction
  • Learning is personalized, collaborative, and reflective
  • Academic, athletic, and artistic excellence are promoted
  • Competence and confidence prepare students to contribute to the world

Academic Expectations for Learning

Speak, read, and write effectively across the curriculum for a variety of purposes
  • You will maintain a writing portfolio. Type I – IV writing samples from the John Collins Writing Across the Curriculum will be included.
  • For each lab, your data recorded in a bound lab notebook. For selected labs, you will complete a formal lab report following a standardized format. Labs results will also be presented in the format of mini-posters for class presentation.
  • Within each unit you will complete at least one essay which will be graded using the standards developed by the College Board.
  • You will develop a powerpoint or prezi on an assigned topic and present this to the class.
  • You will be assigned a number of articles to read. The purpose of these articles is to emphasize scientific research. You will be analyzing them for evidence of “science as a process”.

Apply reasoning and problem- solving in all disciplines
  • You will design and carry out a minimum of eight inquiry labs incorporating the steps of the scientific method.
  • You will complete the analysis questions that are included with each lab
  • You will complete several case studies which require extensive data analysis.

Express ideas creatively across the curriculum
  • You will complete several activities that will allow you to express your creativity including building models, creating skits and developing a powerpoint presentation.

Use information, media, and technology effectively and responsibly
  • You will complete a Type 4 research paper on a bioethical issue such as genetic engineering or the use of animals in medical research. Proper MLA documentation must be included.
  • You will use computer simulations such as a mitosis tutorial and fruitfly simulation.
  • You will model appropriate use of digital technology.

Develop physical and artistic skills
  • You will demonstrate skill in using the various types of tools and techniques used by biologists.
  • You will produce poster presentations on several topics throughout the course.

Social Expectations for Learning

Assume responsibility for their own decisions and behavior
  • You must follow all school rules as outlined in your handbook applying to hall passes, cheating, plagiarism, and profanity.

Demonstrate a willingness to resolve conflicts responsibly
  • You must show respect for all members of our classroom community.

Contribute to the welfare of others
  • You are responsible for following all safety precautions as presented in the safety contract you will be given.
  • You must be an active participant in all group work.

Learn to collaborate effectively
  • You will complete most labs in groups of three or four. It is your responsibility to make sure all students participate in collecting and sharing data.
  • You will collaborate as a class in the development of a classroom WIKI.
  • You will follow the seven norms of collaboration.

Civic Expectations for Learning

Foster respectful and productive relationships in and beyond the community
  • You must show respect for all school property. Textbooks must be covered. Writing on desks or lab benches is absolutely prohibited.
  • While talking and interaction are important components of collaborative lab work and group activities, your conversations should be limited to the topic you are working on. There should be no talking during lectures or audiovisual presentations.

Exercise their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society
  • You will demonstrate your understanding of the importance of having knowledge of basic biological concepts in making informed decisions about bioethical and environmental issues such as stem cell research, genetic engineering and global warming.

Policies and Procedures:
  • You will maintain a 3 ring binder dedicated as you’re A.P. notebook. All work should be saved for the end of year review.
  • Food, candy and drinks including water are not allowed in the classroom. You are in a laboratory, so the use of chemicals and potentially hazardous materials requires this rule to be strictly enforced. Gum must remain in your mouth and must be chewed in a manner that is not offensive to those around you.
  • The bathroom pass should be used only if absolutely necessary. Frequent use is unacceptable.
  • Cell phone use for non-academic purposes or texting is absolutely prohibited. Cell phones will be confiscated and held until retrieved by parent or guardian.
  • You must assume responsibility for making arrangements for make-up work missed due to absence. Assignments are passed out at the beginning of each unit.
  • It is also your responsibility to ask for extra help if needed. I am usually available Monday-Thursday from 2:00 to 2:30. If additional time is needed to make up a test or lab, you will need to arrange with me in advance.
  • All work must be passed in when due. No credit will be given for late work unless due to absence.

Assessment: ( types,% of tests, grades, quiz, class participation, etc.)
  • Your AP biology course will include 7 major units: biochemistry, cells and cell processes, energy, molecular genetics and genetics, evolution, homeostasis and ecology. Each of these units will include lectures, labs, classroom discussions, presentations, independent research, writing assignments, quizzes, and a unit test.
  • Your term grade which is 80% of your final grade, will be calculated as follows: Tests, quizzes and major projects constitute 60% of your grade. Your labs count for 20%, writing assignments for 10% and other assignments, which include homework and classwork for 10%.
  • You will also be taking a final exam which counts for 20% of your final grade.
  • All students in A.P. Biology are required to take the A.P. test in early May.

Attendance Policy:
  • Attendance and class participation are considered criteria in determining the final grade. As the SHS Student Handbook states “Absences beyond ten per semester per class will result in ten (10) points being taken off the final grade

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