• This is an excellent website which has numerous articles to help understand topics in cell biology.


Topic: Cell Membrane

  • Check your class notes and quiz against the powerpoint presentation.

  • Water Potential Lab / Questions

  • Plasmolysis of Elodea

  • Complete this activity to help in understanding surface area/volume relationship

Topic: Cell Organelles

  • Watch this video and take notes on it. This should fill in any gaps left after cell organelle presentations.

  • Here is the powerpoint presentation on cell organelles.

Topic: Mitosis

external image th?id=H.4508278062844638&w=143&h=175&c=7&rs=1&url=http%3a%2f%2fapsolutionsltd.co.uk%2fka-diagram-of-the-cell-cycle%2f&pid=1.7
  • This animation reviews the stages of the cell cycle. How is this different from the stages of mitosis?


  • Take notes on the stages of the cell cycle using the following powerpoint presentation. This should be a review from 10th grade biology.

  • Complete the following on-line lab on mitosis to familiarize yourself with the process.


Topic: Control of the Cell Cycle

  • Read about the 2001 Nobel Prize research on control of the cell cycle


  • This article is a good introduction to factors controlling the cell cycle

  • And what happens when these controls go awry?

  • Powerpoint: Control of Cell Division

  • Youtube Video on Cell Cycle checkpoints

Topic: Stem Cells

external image image2.jpeg

  • Below is a link to a case study on Stem Cells. It consists of two parts


Part 1: A,B,C. Read each section and take notes using SQ3R. Answer the questions in a separate note or on a separate piece of paper. Be ready to discuss the topic of stem cells.

Part 2: Each pair of students (or group of 3) will be assigned to a different role. You must consider the topic of stem cell research from the perspective of your assigned role. Each of you will be responsible for writing a short position paper (1-2 pages) to try to make your case for or against stem cell research. Make sure to include current information. Make sure to include references and data to support your position.

  • And....hot off the press.... October 21, 2013...How to turn fat cells into liver cells!!


Topic : Cell Communication

  • This is the introductory video on cell communication

  • Here is the powerpoint on Cell Communication. Use it to check notes and review diagrams.

  • To give you some insight into how complex these pathways are, go to this website and click on a couple of pathways. Yikes!!!


  • Read about the 2012 nobel prize winning work on cell communication!


  • Here is the link to Mr. Anderson's video on Signal Transduction.


  • And what happens when cells don't communicate properly? Use this reading as a starting point for your research on diseases.


  • Hot off the press....Two articles involving cell signaling!



  • Here is the TED Video "How Bacteria talk"


  • View the video on how cells react in what is called the "flight or fight respose." Use the information on the play by play description to draw a diagram illustrating the pathway of cell communication which maps out your body's responses. make sure to include both extracellular and intracellular responses.


  • One last cell signal pathway to analyze....


  • Look over this example to review for the test.

  • This is an excellent video which ties together just about everything you have learned about cells. Sit back and enjoy!